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Performance is Personal

One person will measure performance in their ability to run 100 meters in 10 seconds - another would be just as delighted to rise from the chair and walk to make coffee. We are all somewhere in between and have our own desires to be able to function just how we want to function.


Ronnie Woods

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Like most people, I have ran, jumped, kicked, dived, cycled (and sometimes sat around doing nothing) for as long as I can remember. Over time our priorities and bodies change - however a basic building block of health is remaining active.

I understand the value of and challenges to simply continue doing the things we love. To help people achieve this is the reason I became a soft tissue therapist.

I have spent many years playing football, squash, golf, competing in triathlon and simply going for a run. Many times I would find myself on the treatment table (and still do!) and I came to appreciate the value that treatment, guidance and often just time would have on getting me back on my feet - and keeping me there.

Over the years I have built knowledge and experience and qualified in 2016.

I hold a clinic in South Cambridgeshire and am also assistant tutor with the Cambridge School of Sports Massage.

ISRM  - BTEC Dip L5 Clinical Sport
Remedial Massage
(Soft Tissue Therapy)
Medical Acupuncture and Dry Needling


Please contact me with any questions whatsoever - Happy to chat.

Tel 07545 499890


Clinic location:

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